Web Hosting 2023: Top Linux Shared Hosting Providers in India

Making and maintaining an online presence is critical for business owners. In today’s digital, social age, having a website is vital no matter what size or kind of company you operate. A dependable website can attract customers, increase sales, or simply keep them informed of new developments. Without an online presence, your business essentially doesn’t really exist online, which signifies you are losing out on potential customers and revenue to far more savvy competitors.

Websites are also meaningful in optics. Businesses that do not have a website could appear out of touch, if not untrustworthy. Even the smallest company needs one, which needs the use of a web hosting service to develop and maintain it. If your site has simple requirements and you have a limited budget, you should look into Linux Shared web hosting India plans.

With that in mind, here are the best Linux Shared hosting in India providers we’ve reviewed. Continue reading for our top choices, followed by suggestions on what to look for when selecting the most suitable Linux hosting services for your website in India.

Top Linux Shared hosting in India Providers With Pricing

Providers Cost
HostGator Prices begin at $3.95 per month.
Bluehost Prices begin at  $2.95 per month.
Hostbillo Prices begin at  $1.36 per month.
Namecheap Prices begin at $1.88 per month.
IONOS Prices begin at  $0.50 per month.
WP Engine Prices begin at  $25 per month.
Weebly Prices begin at $12 per month.


Description of 7 Best Linux Shared hosting in India Providers

Linux Shared Hosting in India
Linux Shared Hosting in India


The majority of businesses find HostGator’s shared hosting to be effective, despite the company’s expansion to offer additional hosting services. Due to its affordable prices, HostGator is the best-shared web host provider broadly speaking. The increasing amount of features you can access for a very cheap price is one of HostGator’s major strengths. You get unrestricted storage capacity and unlimited bandwidth with any of HostGator’s hosting services. In addition, each HostGator proposal includes a free SSL certificate. You have a sufficient amount of time to verify the service before making any commitment to it thanks to the 45-day money-back assurance.


As it’s so simple to navigate and set up, Bluehost would be the professional web host for small businesses.

All the resources you require to launch your company’s website are available to you once you register online for Bluehost. A free web address and SSL certificate get provided with every plan. Since it offers comprehensive instructions and support resources to help you set up your website, Bluehost provides one of the perfect Linux Shared hosting in India services for beginners.

Bluehost can be your preferred choice for shared hosting services if you’ve got a small budget and are brand-new to online hosting. Customer service at Bluehost is available around-the-clock and is always ready to respond to all of your requests. In addition, every plan includes unlimited websites and memory. It’s simple to upgrade your strategy as your business expands and if you decide to launch a new website.


When it comes to shared hosting for a website with a Linux os, the Hostbillo Web hosting company is the best option. By selecting one of Hostbillo’s web hosting plans, you can be sure that you will get the best support and features available in the market.

Hostbillo utilizes Linux for shared servers because it meets all of the criteria for the most dependable and high-performing hosting. The hosting industry is highly competitive, so most companies are offering excellent benefits to differentiate themselves from their rivals and draw in new clients. For small, developing businesses,

Hostbillo is a great option because of its unrestricted email, storage, but also monthly data transfers. And besides, as your business grows, you aren’t going to worry about hitting full stops. The adaptable Hostbillo hosting has excellent features that are suitable for both personal and commercial users. A wide variety of Hostbillo’s Linux Shared hosting in India packages is available from this host at affordable prices.


With an uptime rating of 100%, Namecheap provides trustworthy shared hosting services. It signifies that your website could never experience unpredictable downtime. A complimentary CDN and unlimited bandwidth get included with each Namecheap proposal.

Namecheap not only registers domain names but also provides services online for domain names. For a brand-new domain name, every hosting plan offers substantial savings. A free domain, Free SSL, or endless bandwidth gets offered as part of Namecheap’s Linux Shared web hosting India packages. When you select Namecheap as your web hosting provider, your website’s private information and files get protected.


For companies operating on a tight budget, IONOS would be a good website hosting option. Its first 12 months of plans get reduced in price, after which the regular price takes place. By doing this, your business has time to develop before having to make a full payment.

For people who require a starting out hosting solution that is cheap, this is the best service. Also, every Linux Shared hosting in India package comes with free backups, SSL but also DDoS protection, and even a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Similarly, you gain access to extra functions like a site builder, a platform for online marketing, and hosting for WordPress.

WP Engine

The best course of action for you is WP Engine if you’ve employed WordPress to build your website and wish for it to run smoothly. One of the many new features offered by this hosting company is the highest user satisfaction and strong security procedures. Across all WordPress sites, WP Engine offers smart WordPress hosting services, satisfactory tech support, and great uptime.

For quicker page loads, a content delivery network gets included with each Linux Shared hosting in India package. It gets designed especially for WordPress setups, plug-ins, and categories.


Among e-commerce companies, Weebly is a widely used hosting services platform. Additionally, you have a wide range of SEO and website analysis to measure success along with customizable emails. For e-commerce companies, it is a useful hosting company. Unlimited storage, a resizable cart, or free SSL protection get included with each hosting package. The possibility to create custom forms, launch a blog, or use Seo techniques are all optional e-commerce features added to the service.

What Makes a Cheap Linux Hosting in India Provider Good?

To create a successful website, you should first choose your hosting provider. It can be challenging and complicated to choose between the various Linux Shared web hosting solutions in India since they all provide identical benefits. When selecting the best Web hosting Company, you could perhaps pay attention to a few factors.

Higher availability

When looking for a Linux Shared hosting in India, make sure there are uptime guarantees. The bare minimum that users can expect from a provider is 99 percent.


The primary aspect to think about when creating a website is how quickly it loads. Choose your hosting provider wisely to make sure that your site receives the highest benchmarks and performance possible.

Website Users

Consider the approx website traffic when making a decision. Even though it can be difficult to predict website traffic when you expect a large volume for any purpose, the Cheap Linux Shared hosting in India starter service could be the best option because you do not risk violating the service provider’s monthly usage agreement.


You should not assume that just because Linux Shared hosting in India is Cheap, you will not receive customer service. Look for a provider with customer service representatives who are available when you require them and on the platforms you prefer.

Storage Room

When a hosting company grants access to its customers, hard drive capacity gets referred to as “storage capacity.” You can track your storage and bandwidth usage using the control panel presented by your provider.

FAQ’s on Linux Hosting in India

How does Cheap Linux Shared hosting in India operate?

With India Shared Linux hosting, one server’s resources get distributed among several websites. These resources consist of RAM, CPU cores, and storage. Because multiple websites will now share the same resources, there are some pre-installed scripts and apps that get shared by all websites. For instance, everyone makes use of the same OS. All websites can share the same system resources due largely to the presence of a common platform.

What makes India Shared Linux Hosting the best option?

To begin with, it is relatively affordable. It represents the most cost-effective method to host a website. Building an audience will probably take time once you establish a new website. Adding information to your website will also take time. So, for the time being, your website will be light and use few resources. Throughout this time, the correct method of hosting to get is Linux Shared Server. It is cost-effective, quick, and dependable.

What makes shared hosting unique from other types of hosting?

Linux Shared hosting in India and VPS hosting are regularly compared. This happens because, in each of these hosting models, numerous websites share the resources of one server. However, with a VPS, the server resources allotted to each website get fixed. If you purchase a VPS plan, the resources will stay dedicated to you and will not get shared with any other website. This isolation system for resources doesn’t quite occur in Shared hosting.


A Linux Shared server is a hosting choice that is the most reliable, practical, and user-friendly. It makes hosting your website much easier. Since your hosting company will handle system management and maintenance for you, you won’t need to oversee the website hosting facilities. We wish you’ve managed to find a suitable provider now. If you’re a complete beginner looking to find more guidance or a professional expert aiming for something advanced, Linux Shared hosting in India can meet all your needs effortlessly.

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